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Streamline your wasiat/will with uncomplicated ease. No complexities, no confusion, just a simple digital wasiat/will planning experience.

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Preserve your will, without breaking the bank. Access our comprehensive services for free and start crafting your digital legacy today.

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Your will, your time, your wish. Access your digital will plan anytime, from anywhere in the world, because life happens around the clock.

No Middlemen, No Agent

Your will, your control. With Sampul, there are no agents, just you and your will.

Co-Sampul Guidance

Empower your chosen digital Co-Sampul with the tools and knowledge needed to carry out your wishes effectively.

Whole assets, under one roof

Manage both your digital and physical assets seamlessly, all in one Sampul.

All-in-one document

Preserve your digital memories and online identity, ensuring they live on for future generations

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about SAMPUL.
What is SAMPUL?
SAMPUL is a digital estate planning platform that helps you manage and secure your digital assets and digital legacy. It allows you to create a comprehensive digital wasiat/will to ensure your online accounts and digital assets are managed according to your wishes.
What is Co-SAMPUL?
Co-SAMPUL is your trusted person, holds the key to your digital wasiat/will upon your passing. This entrusted individual can be your spouse, sibling, relative, trusted friend, legal counsel, or financial advisor. Their pivotal responsibility is to notify us in the unfortunate event of your demise. Only then do we unlock and deliver your digital wasiat/will, preserving your wishes as a cherished secret until the very end, ensuring your legacy remains secure and confidential.
How does SAMPUL work?
Start by listing your digital or physical assets, ensuring no valuable item is overlooked. Then, appoint a trusted Co-SAMPUL who wasiat/will oversee your digital wasiat/will according to your wishes. Finally, SAMPUL transforms your asset inventory and preferences into a digital wasiat/will. SAMPUL securely stores this information and helps your chosen Co-SAMPUL carry out your wishes when the time comes.
What are the advantages of wasiat/will through SAMPUL?
Creating a digital wasiat/will through SAMPUL offers several advantages, including:
- Ensuring your digital assets are managed as you wish.
- Providing clarity to your loved ones about your online accounts.
- Simplifying the process of accessing and transferring digital assets.
- Preserving your online presence and memories for future generations.
How can SAMPUL help me save time?
SAMPUL streamlines the digital estate planning process, saving you time and effort. Instead of searching for account details and creating a plan from scratch, SAMPUL guides you step by step, making the process efficient and convenient.
What types of items for my wasiat/will are offered by SAMPUL?
SAMPUL allows you to include a wide range of digital assets in your digital wasiat/will, including:

- Social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
- Email accounts (Gmail, Outlook, etc.).
- Cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).
- Digital photos, videos, and documents.
- Cryptocurrency holdings.
Is my personal and payment information secure on SAMPUL?
Yes, SAMPUL take the security of your personal and payment information seriously. SAMPUL website uses industry-standard security measures, including SSL encryption, to protect your data.
Is Password Sharing Permitted on Sampul?
At Sampul, we currently do not permit password sharing for any digital platforms. Upon completion of all necessary legal processes, Sampul wasiat/will assist your designated beneficiaries in claiming your digital assets from their respective digital platform providers. Most providers have established claim processes for accounts of the deceased, which generally require legal documentation pertaining to the estate.
What Happens to My Digital Wasiat/Will After My Death, and How Does the Claim Process Work?
Upon notification of your passing, your designated Co-Sampul wasiat/will be granted access to your digital wasiat/will. This document, which outlines your asset inventory and final wishes, wasiat/will be shared with your loved ones to help them determine the appropriate next steps, such as applying for probate or obtaining a letter of administration. The digital wasiat/will serves as the foundation for all subsequent legal documentation.

Subsequently, the legal document finalized by the Court wasiat/will be utilized to claim all your assets, both digital and physical, from the respective authorities and digital platforms. Sampul is committed to guiding your loved ones through the claim process of each digital platform, which has its own set of procedures.