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SAMPUL acts as a centralized hub for managing all digital assets. Users can categorize and organize their assets efficiently, simplifying the oversight of their digital estate. Furthermore, SAMPUL provides secure storage for vital documents, such as wills and legal certificates, ensuring that important information is readily accessible to designated beneficiaries.
The platform streamlines beneficiary designation, allowing users to effortlessly specify who should inherit each asset. This feature promotes transparency and clarity in the asset distribution process, ensuring that assets are distributed as intended.


SAMPUL empowers users to create meticulous digital wills, leaving no aspect of their digital assets to chance. Users can specify precise instructions for each asset and account, ensuring that their online presence is managed according to their wishes.
SAMPUL assists users in compiling a thorough inventory of their digital assets, making sure that nothing valuable is overlooked. This proactive approach to legacy planning guarantees the smooth transition of digital assets and memories to loved ones, preserving a meaningful digital legacy.


SAMPUL makes digital estate planning a team effort. You can appoint a Co-SAMPUL, a trusted person like a family member, friend, or advisor, to assist with your digital will. In case of your passing, their role is to inform SAMPUL, which will then unlock and deliver your digital will. Your wishes remain private and secure throughout.
SAMPUL also allows secure sharing of your digital wasiat/will and asset information with chosen individuals, ensuring a smooth transition of your digital assets when the time comes. This collaborative approach simplifies digital legacy management.